Kevin Marciniak
Kevin Marciniak
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Been busy at home with some changes – ripping out the carpet and putting in hardwood flooring. My room is a mess right now. And the contractor won’t be able to install the flooring until the first week of October.

Adding to that, at my job right now, the teachers and students are doing elearning. And last minute software additions. And Zoom issues galore. Bleh!

Besides all that, I’ve moved away from digging into cyber security. It looks to be headaches everyday type of deal. The list of vulnerabilities to know about just keeps growing and growing. And executives that don’t take security seriously until it’s already too late… Headaches just thinking about it. I don’t know how people in that field handle it.

So back to learning about programming and databases. About 7.5 years ago, I passed the Oracle 1Z0-051 certification, but didn’t pass the 1Z0-052 exam. And that was mostly learning from the book. I didn’t have much experience with databases beyond the little bit that I had from my job at that time. Which was a SQL Server and running only a couple of queries.

I’m just planning ahead a bit because the Indiana state budget for next year isn’t guaranteed. My job might disappear or get a salary cut! So rather than be surprised and not prepared, I’m not going to take chances and relearning some things.

I’ll do another home systems post since it has changed a bit since the last time. I’m waiting on a small network rack to come in and for the flooring to be finished before I post some new pics. Later.

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