Kevin Marciniak
Kevin Marciniak
Site Redone!
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Welcome to my new theme! I call it Kyokusho. Which comes from Japanese. Roughly translated, it means “minimal.” That’s because I feel that the theme offers the minimal elements needed to have a good blog and nothing extra. Anyone else tired of sidebars clunking up the site? I am!

So this is what I’ve been up to since my last post from two weeks ago. I also had to redo some of the articles. The permlinks were pointing to non-existent pages. I guess that’s what happens when you export then import your old WordPress blog. I guess it’s sort of a good thing that I didn’t have too many posts. LOL 😆

I still have to work on my theme for some of the back-end stuff, but otherwise my theme is mostly completed. I have to work on very large screen support and adding some accessibility features. I also have to find a way to make the menus customized along with the social icons. A lot of work but, I plan on selling the theme on Gumroad and WordPress’s site.

So if I don’t post anything again for a little while, it’s cause I’m fine-tuning my theme. Later!