Kevin Marciniak
Kevin Marciniak
Progress, Somewhat…
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Well, it’s been years since messing around with a WordPress theme. And I’m starting one from scratch. So it’s taking even longer than I had anticipated. More so since this theme is one that I want to switch my website to. That means that I want it to be very good. Also, it means that I’m having to add in additional stuff and even messing around with SVGs and getting them into a font file.

I’m also switching between days of working on the theme and learning about Kitura. Which is a server-side Swift framework. A good thing about it, is that it tries its best to be backwards compatible with previous versions. Which means that hopefully anything that I code for it now will be working even after a few major version updates. So that means I’m learning how to be a full-stack developer!

I had looked into Vapor, but it doesn’t offer as much guarantee for version compatibility. Which means sticking to one version and not updating for newer versions because the newer features and the syntax changes that go with it, means that older code will cause errors. Or it means constantly rewriting the code to keep up the changes. Either way is a pain.

So that’s been my past week. Later.