Kevin Marciniak
Kevin Marciniak
Bluetooth Blues
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Kernel panic caused by a faulty AirPort module.

About two months ago, my MacBook Pro started doing random reboots. Sometimes I got the kernel panic error message seen in the pic. Sometimes Bluetooth stopped working without an error message and I would have to reboot in order for Bluetooth to start working again. So two weeks ago, I went to the Apple Store in University Park Mall, in Mishawaka, IN.

The Apple Store Genius Bar employee took a look at my MBP. As it happened, my MBP rebooted in the middle of the night and she saw the error message. I thought that she would run some sort of software/hardware diagnostic right there at the store. However, she said that she would have to send my MBP to an Apple repair center… for $475! I said no thanks, I’d rather put that amount towards a new laptop. So I went home with a still broken MBP.

I started looking online and found a repair guide at iFixit. They also had available a replacement AirPort Board, which would potentially fix my Bluetooth issue. So for around $93 after taxes and shipping fee, I figured why not give it a try. I wasn’t in a huge rush, so it took a week for the part to get to my house.

I followed their repair guide and viola, no more Bluetooth kernel panics! However, this resulted in an unforeseen side effect. My Apple Watch stopped being able to unlock my MBP. I tried all of the steps and still couldn’t get it to work. Until I saw an article mention that as a last resort, you may have to unpair your watch. So I unpair then paired it again. After that it started working again. 😁